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Christina Taylor


Christina lives to perform and loves the performance of life! . She grew up studying Ballet and quickly added Jazz, Hip Hop, and Tap to her dance pallet.  She gained notable competing experience while a member of the performing companies at The Dance Company.  She was honored and beyond excited when she was selected to perform as a soloist with the Utah Symphony as a flautist her senior year of high school.   As a dance major at Weber State University in Utah she added modern dance to the mix (and YES, she did have classes where she was instructed to “be a tree!") Christina taught as a guest instructor and choreographer at the Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts and performed as a member of Movement Coalition and Junction Dance, two local dance companies in Utah. Christina is thrilled to be a member of Arc: a Montana dance collective here in Billings and a teacher at School of Classical Ballet.  While she is passionate about her experiences in dance and music, her proudest accomplishments have been in her favorite capacity as director over the energetic improv of life in her own home.  She loves traveling with her husband, Rocky, eating excellent food- preferably that someone else prepares, and having dance parties in the kitchen with her five kids!

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