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Studio Etiquette

There are many breaches of studio etiquette (or things that are generally not allowed) during ballet class shown in the illustration to the left...

Can you find them all? 

Did you find all 35 breaches of etiquette in the studio?

  • Chatting, whispering, or giggling

  • Clothing that is torn, dirty, or in disrepair

  • Clothing, including leg warmers, that falls off

  • Big jewelry

  • Drinking (other than water)

  • Turning on a fan or opening a window without permission

  • Taking pictures without permission

  • Watching from the doorway

  • Sitting on or hanging from the barres

  • Draping clothes or bags on the barres

  • Talking on the phone

  • Texting

  • Eating

  • Touching or leaning on the piano

  • Chewing gum

  • Inappropriate displays of affection

  • Bare feet (in ballet class)

  • Street shoes or street-clothes in ballet class

  • Choreographing your own steps

  • Entering class late

  • Leaving class early

  • Positioning yourself in front of the first person at the barre

  • Warm-up booties during center floor

  • Hand holding or locking elbows with a classmate

  • Listening to your own electronic device

  • Costumes

  • Pets

  • Seriously sexy leotards

  • Bad body odor or strong perfume

  • Long loose hair or long ponytails

  • Bare chests

  • Oversized luggage

  • Not helping to move the barres

  • Napping

  • Hats

Class Etiquette

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