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2022-23 Performances with

SCB Company Dancers

November 12 - Food and Gift Festival

November 15 - Studio Showing for Friends and Donors

November 18 - Billings Public School Tour

November 26-27 - San Diego Ballet - The Nutcracker

December 2 - Festival of Trees

December 10 - Nutcracker Tea Party

March 3-4 - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

April 15 - Mad Hatter's Tea Parties

May 20 & 21 - SCB Recitals at ABT

SCB Company - for Dancers with Passion!

What is School of Classical Ballet Company?

SCB Company is a group of the studio's elite and most committed dancers. Due to their love for ballet, these dancers have big dance goals. Company dancers are trained on a pre-professional track, being given additional experiences and mentorship to ensure dancers thrive in the dance world.

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Spring Audition for
2023-24 Season

Wednesday, May 31, 2023


@ Montana Dance Center - 701 Daniel St.

Last 30 min of audition is Q&A for dancers invited to join the company

Audition will include a warm up. 

Please bring your pointe shoes.

$10 cash audition fee

Click here to meet our dancers and directors

*Pointe Shoe Workshop

*Photo Shoot for Auditions and Marketing

*Partnering Workshop

*Studio Showing for Parents and Donors

*Food and Gift Festival

*Festival of Trees

*Nutcracker Ballet Tea Lead Roles

*Season Story Ballet Lead Roles - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

*Variations in Spring Recital

*Company Master Class with Summer Intensive Guest Instructor

*Individualized Mentorship from Co-Directors

*Attend Shows and Workshops Together

*Pointe Shoe Fittings Assistance

*Future Participation in Youth American Grand Prix (YAGP)

Company Eligibility

  1. Company dancers must be available to perform and participate on event dates.

  2. Company dancers must be at least 13 years of age by January of their first year of participation.

  3. Company dancers must be enrolled in three weekly ballet classes at SCB.

  4. The weekly ballet classes company dancers must be enrolled in are the two for their level and Saturday ballet.

  5. Company dancers must be enrolled in three rehearsal classes per week.

  6. The weekly rehearsal classes company dancers must be enrolled in are the variations class, the Company class, and Saturday Rehearsal class.

  7. Company dancers must maintain good attendance in all classes and rehearsals, missing as few as possible and only with good reason (eg. physical and mental health, planned family trip, mandatory school event)

  8. Company dancers and parents must provide contact information and maintain good communication with the Company, particularly about attendance.

  9. Company dancers and parents must pay monthly tuition covering these classes to the studio (SCB) and remain in good standing with tuition payments.

  10. Company dancers will work with their instructors, parents, and other trusted adults to do their best to maintain their physical and mental health throughout the season.

  11. Company dancers must maintain a good attitude any time they are in the studio spaces, and when engaging with their fellow dancers, instructors, choreographers, studio admin, and community.

  12. Company dancers and parents must abide by the studio policies as outlined in the studio welcome packet.

  13. Company dancers and parents must be able to accomplish the Company requirements as outlined below.


Company requirements

  1. Company dancers and parents must maintain all eligibility requirements as stated above.

  2. Students interested in joining the company must audition in the spring.  Students unable to audition in person but contact us to schedule an alternative audition date or digital audition.

  3. There is a non-refundable* annual fee of $200 (two-hundred dollars) to be paid to the studio (SCB) upon acceptance of participation in the company.  This includes the annual costume fee and covers all participation in performances for the year.  

  4. The Company will organize various events throughout the year that would require additional payment for participating dancers.  These events are not covered by the annual participation fee, and might include things like professional photo packages, or tickets to a ballet performance.

  5. Company dancers may miss one technique class during the week if they need the extra time (e.g. lots of school work) but are expected to still attend all rehearsals, including any rehearsal on the same day of the missed class.

  6. The company schedule is designed to allow Company dancers to participate in MADCo if they desire to be in both student companies, keeping compatible class requirements and avoiding schedule conflicts.  Please keep in mind that the Company asks for a lot of time, about 2-4 hours of time additional to a regular advanced ballet class schedule each week, as outlined in the Eligibility and Requirements, so you may need to decide if you want to do one or the other.  Company will also not conflict with the Nutcracker at the Alberta Bair Theater.

  7. Company dancers and parents must notify the Company a minimum of one week in advance of known absences so we can accommodate.

  8. In order to help prevent burn out, we will have some off days with no regularly scheduled rehearsal and/or shorter rehearsal days, and we will notify Company dancers and parents in advance.

  9. Company dancers must attend at least one SCB Summer Intensive (starting summer 2023).

*Should the dancer be unable to perform for a substantial amount of time and/or must withdraw from the company prior to performing, a $50 costume fee will be refunded to the dancer.



Betty Loos

Julia Marble Blass

Leigh Schanfein

Tiffany Wardell

Leigh Schanfein

Tiffany Wardell


Benefits of Being an SCB Company Member

Photos by Keeara Rhoades

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