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School Policies


Regular attendance is important in order for each dancer to progress.  

We need to be informed if your dancer will be absent from class.  Please call and leave a message or email in advance of the class to let us know about absences from regular classes and rehearsals.  If there was an unexpected absence, please still inform us as soon as possible that your dancer is accounted for and if they will join us for their next lesson.

If your dancer must consistently arrive a few minutes late or leave a few minutes early from a class, you must let us know in advance.  

Studio and Dress Rehearsals for performances are mandatory.  

If a dancer cannot consistently participate in rehearsals then they will not be able to participate in the performance.   Please keep in mind if schedules change, we need two month’s notice of withdrawal from classes or performances in order to ensure any amount of refund for purchases already made.


Dancers should have a dance bag to keep everything they need for class: shoes, extra bobby pins, hair ties, etc. Students must place all belongings on the hooks or cubbies in designated areas. Please put your name on everything!  Leave valuables at home.  SCB, MDC, and all faculty/staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

If your dancer loses an item, please check the lost & found in a timely manner.  All items still in the lost & found at the end of the semester will be removed, washed, and donated.

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