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Class Placement

Class Placement Guide

The first few weeks will be reviewing and getting everyone comfortable with the new classes and teachers. This will ensure we have dancers placed in the correct level. Dancers are placed based on various criteria including skill, physical development including strength, and potential.  Age plays a role but is not necessarily a determinant.  The only classes for which age is the only requirement is for the Mini Movers and starting into a level 1 class.  Even though your child gets older this does not automatically mean they move to a higher level.  


Our classes are limited in size to ensure dancers get the best possible attention in their training! We will start a new class to accommodate new dancers if a class is full. 


We may cancel a class if enrollment is low, or we may determine that your child should be in a different level appropriate for their development.  We ask that you leave some flexibility in your schedule until after the second week of classes in case we need to merge two smaller classes or move your student to a different level and the times shift from what you originally enrolled.

This year, pointe classes are going to be placed right after the ballet class with the corresponding level (Ballet 4 will take Pointe 4, etc.). This is designed to give more attention to pointe work for all ages. Ballet levels 6 and 7 will have pointe work incorporated into their regular technique classes.


SCB strives to challenge dancers without sacrificing safety. Wearing pointe shoes before the dancer has the necessary strength and technique is dangerous and not worth the risk. We ask that dancers wait for the ballet faculty to determine readiness before purchasing and using pointe shoes. General guidelines for pointe readiness are:

  1. Age - dancers should be 12 years of age or older.

  2. Strength - dancers are required to be taking three (3) ballet technique classes per week.

  3. Technique - though dancers may have years of training, if technical aspects of ballet have not been developed (straight knees, pointed feet, core control, turn-out, etc.) they will not be ready for pointe shoes.


Once or twice a year, SCB has the Demi Dancewear from Bozeman or The Pointe Shop (a traveling pointe shoe store) stop at our studio. This is a great time to get fitted for and purchase shoes. If getting shoes mid-year, ask your teacher for the nearest pointe shoe stores or websites.

Pointe Classes and Pointe Shoes

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