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COVID-19 Protocol for Dancers and Parents 

  • School of Classical Ballet is committed to protecting the health and safety of its dance families.

  • Please understand the importance of following our rules. If you feel that you are unable to follow these rules below then we ask that you please not attend the in-studio classes at this time. Contact our office administrator for access to classes via Zoom. Not all classes will be offered on Zoom.

  • Social distancing is required from the moment you are at the studio and throughout classes. 

  • Students must be prompt for class drop off and pick up. NO early drop offs - NO late pick ups.


  • Come with MASKS ON - the teacher will inform you when they may be removed. 


  • We require masks to be worn anytime you are not in the dance studio room.

  • NO parents, guardians, or other family members can stay in the lobby.

  • Shoes to be left at the front door on shoe racks. 

  • Dancers should go straight to their studio rooms with dance bags and belongings in hand.

  • Each dancer will be designated a spot to place their bag in the studio and a place to stand at barre and/or at center.

  • All studio doorknobs, light switches, bathroom handles (toilet & sink), sound system knobs, all ballet barres, etc will be cleaned between groups of dancers. Please do not touch anything you don't have to.

  • Dressing rooms are to be used only for changing. No hanging out.

  • Please follow your best and most conservative judgement - if your dancer is feeling sick, do not come to the studio.  If someone in the family is feeling sick, either stay home or assume you will wear a mask at all times in the studio.

  • We apologize for the inconvenience this may create for you, but please realize that this is for your health, your friends' health, and your families' health!

  • As the knowledge regarding COVID19 is constantly changing and we will do our best to stay up to date with local and federal recommendations.

  • Should Montana and/or Yellowstone County revert to an earlier phase, we will immediately switch to an adapted schedule of Zoom classes much like we did in April and May.  In such a situation a revised schedule and Zoom information will be confirmed and sent out as soon as possible.

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