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NEW - Friday Teen Ballet!

Does your teen feel too old for the lower level classes, but not advanced enough in ballet for the higher level classes? Maybe they excel in jazz or tap but are behind in those super helpful ballet skills?

They are stuck in teen ballet limbo!

But now we have the perfect class for them to take, and it will satisfy all their goals whether it's to make sure they know and become proficient in ballet basics or they want to start catching up to their age level in ballet. This class can prepare them to enter higher level ballet classes next year.

This class is offered on Fridays so it is less likely to interfere with all of the other classes and activities your teen is already doing. And, it is taught by one of our most experienced instructors, Leigh Schanfein, who will make sure you learn your ballet basics, can do them well with proper technique, and keeps class moving with a good sense of humor!

Teen ballet students with the expected regular attendance will be able to perform in our year-end recital! They will also be highly encouraged to audition for Nutcracker tea parties and Wonderland performances, having all the same opportunities as students in leveled classes.

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